About The Purdys

Meet The Purdys




That’s us. Crazy! Couyon! Unconventional!

We’re a family of 7 traveling abroad (6 traveling full-time) and hoping to inspire others to do the same: LIVE NOW

Donna and I have been married for 21 years. 5 kids and 2 dogs later we’ve decided to take a leap of faith knowing the net will appear.

We love having fun, doing crazy things, flying by the seat of our pants, serving others, putting others first (although we fail miserably sometimes), and teaching our kids to do the same.



We love LSU Football and loathe pretty much everything Bama (except for our dear friends who love Bama – yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor).

Neither country nor time zone shall keep us from viewing LSU Football.


Our family is diverse in terms of interests – from playing music to skateboarding, racing cars to quiet book time, mellow praise music to loud rock-n-roll.  We also added another layer of diversity when our youngest came home from Ethiopia in early 2011.

We have no idea what we’re doing.

We are complete novices as world travelers.  But we’ve been inspired by people like Jennifer Miller who has taken the time to encourage and enable us to live now.

We feel, through past life circumstances, that we’ve been blessed with great faith.  We know, however, that it pales in comparison to what it should be.  We’re hoping our travels provide that growth.

Sterling’s 20-year career has been focused in sales.  He made a transition to self-employment mid-2014 and is pursuing other business ventures.

Donna has run the Purdy show for 20+ years.  A master balancer of all things she is the backbone of the family and keeps things on track.

Our oldest is a junior in college.  The other 4 recently transitioned from conventional schooling to ‘self-schooling’ after enrolling in a global online school.

Our 2 maltese pups are currently residing in Baton Rouge, LA with friends.